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Blog & eKindling features ARK's leader-in-charge Ayesha Vera Yu

The following interview is part of and eKindling's joint partnership, “The Kindling Change Campaign”. They sit down with the most world shaking individuals leading the movement to align impact, profit and purpose in the global Pilipino community. Read the full interview at's website or you can click "Read More".

Ayesha and intern Claire meet with ChemEs for collagen water filtration and a magic trick

Chemical Engineering is a field that brings to mind oil companies and pharmaceuticals more than images of social responsibility and non-profit but chemical engineers are what ARK founder Ayesha and my (summer design and engineering intern) meeting last week was all about. After discovering an article in Manhattan College’s alumni magazine about Dr. Gennaro Maffia and his research team’s work to bring clean water to people around the world we were intrigued by their innovative system that uses collagen nanofibrils and a simple, gravity-powered sand filter to remove 99.999% of dirt and germs from water. A few emails and a skype call later Ayesha and I made our way up to the engineering labs of Manhattan College in the Bronx to check it out.

Melissa's Epic Field Trip: She teaches and learns something new.

If Ayesha asked me to pick a word that would best describe our field experience, I would pick the word “adventure.” A typical day in the field would begin at around 5am. Instead of waking up to my alarm clock, I would wake up to the crowing of roosters and barking of seven farm dogs. I would then make two to three cups of a 3-in-1 instant coffee mix, which is very addicting and quite popular in the Philippines, and then take a cold shower with stored rainwater using a bucket and pail.

Meet Some of Our High School Scholars

Meet Some of Our High School Scholars

Thanks to you, ARK is able to send 39 students to high school this year. This year's class is an exceptional group of kids, hardworking and determined to achieve their dreams to become teachers, engineers... Meet some of our scholars and learn more about their career explorations by clicking an icon below.
Eduardo wants to teach algebra to elementary school students.

Mary Jo Anne wants to mend hearts.  

Anthony wants to crack down on hold-ups. 

Mevejean wants to help make long walks to school more bearable.
Joan wants to capture rain and turn it into safe drinking water. 

The award-winning, Sibariwan water project will give students safe drinking water!

The San Francisco/Marin Jewish Community Teen Foundation has recently awarded ARK’s water project a grant of $8,000 to kick start ARK’s efforts to provide:

The Letters 2: Dear Kristine...Your Friend, Tarek


...a few weeks, several snowstorms (for Tarek) and rainstorms (for Kristine) and a new year later... 

The Letters: Dear friend, Tarek... from Kristine

Below is the much anticipated, and parent-approved, 1st installment of letters between Kristine, a student at Bungsuan Elementary School in Dumarao, Capiz, and her new friend, Tarek, a 5th grade student at St. Brigid School in NYC's Lower East Side.   The pen pal partnership, which fosters cross culture learning, is sponsored by Johnny Air Cargo.  Extra special thanks to Mr.

new year and new pals

Pen Pal Partnership with St. Brigid School 

by H.Kay Merriman