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MHS-ARK Club's 1 bracelet to feed 1 child for 1 year

"1 bracelet feeds 1 child for 1 year in rural Philippines"  

Millburn High School (MHS) ARK Club's Wildly Successful Fall 2010 Fund Raising Initiative 

From school grounds to thriving vegetable gardens... if there is a will, there is a way

When I met with Salcedo parents in May 2010, we were packed in a 2 classroom building fanning ourselves ceaselessly.  The drought was so bad this summer that Capelco (Capiz Electric Co.) was dishing black-outs twice a day everyday (at least for the three weeks I was there).  There were over 100 parents in the room sitting elbow to elbow, some standing in the back and spilling out of the large room.  Despite the movement stifling heat, their ears perked and their necks stretched up at the mention of the feeding program.

Salcedo 2010-2011 lunch menu

On November 22, 2010, ARK, Salcedo Elementary School and Salcedo parents launched a feeding program comprised of a nutritious lunch for all the students everyday class is in session.  In preparation for this program, Salcedo parents organized themselves, committed to volunteer in the kitchen and developed a school garden over 3 months ago that is currently producing 19 different vegetables.  Below are 15 different menus that are nutritious, sourced locally, and promises to be really scrumptious!

Book run for the holidays!

A million thanks go to Luz Bradley; Cheshire, CT Public Llbrary, Main Branch; CM Global; Sue Domizio; Kate Erwin; Edgerton Park Conservancy Fair of New Haven; Aaron Goode; Stephanie O'Keefe; Patrick Scalisi; Eileen Topitzer and many other friends, supporters and donors throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties,  CT… 

Bungsuan School Supply Day, 07/31/2010

Words of thanks and pictures of glee from Bungsuan Elementary School students, teachers and parents.   




Legend of the 10 Datus

It was said that in the 12th century, 10 datus or tribal chiefs loaded their balangays with their families, warriors, slaves and supplies and sailed in the cover of night.  They secretly left Borneo (Malaysia) to flee the tyranny of Rajah Makatunaw.  These 10 Datus sailed north and landed on the southern tip of Panay, near present

Giving back to mother earth


In November 2009, Sibariwan teachers organized a 3-day tree planting initiative shortly after volunteer parents harvested several gmelina trees from the school’s backyard.  The gmelina trees were to be used as frames for the new ceiling that the school is installing for the 2nd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms. 

ARK yogis

"Make like a tree"