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About Us

ARK is focused on improving education and health of school age children (pre-K, elementary and high school)   living in impoverished rural communities in developing countries.

By focusing on education and collaborating with an empowered community, we hope to provide the critical tools that will enable every child to dream, carve new paths, seize new opportunities and create a promising future devoid of poverty.  We strive for 100% literacy; drive rural investment and economic vitality; cherish traditions; keep community and family members together; and give farmers, fisherfolks, store owners and other rural residents a chance to lift themselves out of subsistence with dignity and pride. 
We formally launched ARK with the hope that our grass roots, small-scale, community-led project would prove to be effective, impactful, and scaleable.
We are...               
bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, business owners, film editors, artists, designers, cops, farmers, carpenters, social workers, psychologists, consultants, musicians, nuclear physicists, surfers, travelers…
family, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, friends of friends, schoolmates, officemates, clients, donors… 
like you...
…ordinary people, contributing our funds, volunteering our expertise, time, energy and passion, working together for a better future

anywhere rural and developing, currently in the Philippines
10 East 85th Street, NY, NY 10028

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