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Books and computers

Fires up the imagination, inspires creativity, opens up new worlds, and dares children to dream

ARK collects books and other educational media geared towards pre-k, elementary and high school students, and computers.

Books, computers and other educational media are housed in libraries for the use of students, teachers, parents, residents of the community and those of neighboring villages.   A volunteer corps of teachers and parents operate the libraries.   The volunteer librarian catalogues, maintains and accounts for all books, puzzles, and other educational tools.   Other volunteer parents and teachers keep the library open. 

Pilot school, Sibariwan Elementary School, is steward to over 200 books, two Apple computers, and a printer, all of which were donated by ARK friends.  In the mornings, the library is reserved for school use, providing each class with a weekly 1-hour reading time and/or computer time.   After lunch, the library is open to the public.  Students, parents, community residents, and even high school students from neighboring towns borrow books from the library or use the computer.   Sibariwan’s third grade teacher credits the books for the new ideas that her students bring to school nowadays.   Instead of going to a town that is 30-45 minutes away, Sibariwan residents now use the donated computer and printer.