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ARK programs aim to spark a desire and map a path for literacy, development and advancement:

$15/year Feeding Program  

$5/year School Supplies Program

$50/year Scholarship Program

Books, computers, and other educational tools

Classrooms and Catchments

For Profit Ventures 

Our programs rely heavily on the initiative and collaboration of local community members: parents, teachers, educators, community leaders, and students.  The community:

  • is consulted on the state of students’ education
  • prioritizes the issues on hand
  • works with ARK on identifying solutions
  • takes primary responsibility in managing and executing the programs 
  • has to demonstrate continued support and initiative to develop a sustainable community project that will fund ongoing programs like the Feeding Program in the future


ARK’s funds are earmarked for the shipment of books/computers, purchase of materials such as school supplies, building and construction materials and food ingredients, and the provisioning of services such as after school programs.   The community contributes their time, expertise and labor, money, and in certain cases, raw materials such as wood and/or produce from the school garden. 

Although the schools that we target share the same profile, each school and student body have unique characteristics.  As such, the timing, design and implementation of the programs may vary from one school to the next.   The programs are designed in such a way that all parties have a vested interest in the implementation, maintenance and success of the program.